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Fits great, love it !!
to small for XXL!
good buy for the money
I like everything. I had something similar before, but lost it on a trip. I use it for bike or motorcycle rides. It's perfect.
Unlike every other brand of boxer apparently, the seams on these run along the backside of the leg, so every time you move the seam rubs against you. It also causes them to pull weirdly when you sit or squat, pulling them up more in the back than the front. Definitely would not recommend or ever buy again. I'd return them if I didn't have to pay half the cost in return shipping. Total waste...
Had a similar wallet for years. It had a metal tension money clip that was pretty comfortable and snagged in my pocket until it broke off. I kept using the wallet until it was falling apart and the card compartment liner ripped out.

This one is way more convenient with the magnetic money clip that's flat and goes in and out of a pocket easily. Seems built well enough for the price.

Meets my needs and I look forward to wearing it to pieces over the next few years.
it is a big long.
Great bag, just larger than I expected and needed
Good product super fast delivery
Best I have wore
Good socks, wick nicely. Bunch a tad in my Brooks when running but minimized when I pull them on tight. Great for the price.
Looks and holding up good
i don't like made in China Ray ban
I purchased 6 of these hats in the sand color for my friends. Outstanding fit! You can reshape the brim / somewhat to form a personal look. When I'm dripping with sweat the crown never showed wetness. It repels water even better than I had hoped for making the hat a sun & rain hat but, the BIGEST PROBLEM is I want the fatigue color hat in size medium from Amazon. :-(
These came in a little baggy and are all individually packaged. Have not worn them yet but they look like they are good quality.
Overall not a bad wallet and looks nice with its classic looking material liner in the bill slots but...
I had to "stretch" the ID card opening to remove my driver license when necessary, resulting in a small tear at one corner. I ended up moving my ID to a different slot to prevent further damage.
Outside finish holding up well, but inside finish showing some "rub" marks from cards in slots.
Falls apart after a few months. I've worn the same fit with black bands for as long as I can remember and they last a long time. These, on the other hand, fall apart after just a couple or a few months. I have one pair left of the three and most of the black banded pairs I bought long before...
Love them
Very thick and comfy!
Very poorly made! Did not apear to be real leather? Much smaller then expected
I was hoping with all the good reviews these sunglasses would live up to the hype. They didnt. I wore them cycling for the first time today (with the mirrored lens) and if Im direct sunlight, its like looking through a dirty windshield. The glare from the sun puts a streak of annoying light across the lens. I also dont like the lettering right on the middle of the lens. Looking up as you do while cycling, you can actually see a blurry spot in that area. Ill probably just put in the clear or yellow lens and use these for night riding only, but Im really disappointed overall.
I would like to let everyone know looking to get this Jean's to be careful because leg length is 29 and I had to get it cut at least 5 inches off.
Not as low profile as I would hope. My hat size is 6-7/8 and seems impossible to find an adjustable hat that doesn't have extra space over the top of my head. I eventually found a couple but this is not one of them.
Awesome. Best fitting pair of oakleys I've ever had. This is actually my second pair of the five squared.
 I 100% love these glasses. Packed very neat and safely! So as you can see my lens does not say Micheal Kors on it, only because I got my prescription lens on them!! Yes, you can get your own lens in them! , I wasnt sure if the eye place would actually be able to do it but as a long week flew by, I finally got my glasses and can see clearly!
I primarily use these for work or to work out in.
Good build quality, have lasted me so far.
Very useful
I were Wellington style boots all day. 8 to 14 hours a day. I hate socks that slouch down in my boots. Then a friend turned me on to these and Damn! I'm impressed! These things don't slouch at all! Best sock I have ever put on!
I ordered a medium....I'm 5'8" and the pants sat perfectly right about my shoes. The top was pretty boxy at first but once I washed it, it loosened up and fits pretty well.
https://www.b2bcanvasprinted.com/frdiyse7j4p https://www.b2bcanvasprinted.com/produitfrance/Moon-Boot-Classic-Low-Bottes