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pet pop art

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pet pop art

Can you picture your pets’ adorable faces on our ‘American Pawthic’ Personalized Phone Case?

Simply upload your photo(s), and pet pop artOur premium cell phone cases feature a semi-opaque flexi design with embedded ink and protective finishing to not only protect your device, but also to protect the beauty of the images.

pet pop art

  • Pick your costume style and cellphone model
  • Upload 2 photos of your pets using our easy upload button
  • Place your order
  • Leave the rest to us!
  • We proudly print and ship our phone cases from the pet pop art to ensure quick delivery depending on customer location. pet pop art

Our talented artists create your custom phone case with attention to detail and love. Not only is our team made up of amazing artists, we are pet owners ourselves! Capture a unique photo of your pets’ unique personalities and facial expressions and turn it into your favorite cellphone case ever! Our cellphone cases make a unique gift for any pet owner.

Photo Selection Guidelines

pet pop art

• Please upload a clear close-up frontward facing photo of your pet at eye level and appropriate light (natural outdoor light works better than flash, try to avoid bad lighting and blurry photos). 
• Make sure your pet’s ears are within the photo frame and not cut off!

• Please do not upload a photo of a photo or a screenshot of a photo, uploading an actual photo will have a higher resolution.

After uploading your first photo, you can upload more by selecting on the left hand side menu of the uploader where you want to upload the file from: Local Files (most common), camera, Facebook, etc.

pet pop art
pet pop art
pet pop art
pet pop art
Theyre cool
My wife loves them and wearing well.
Just the right size and shape. Crossbody placement is perfect. The colors are great for all seasons.
Love it!!
Love the compartmentability this bag offers. This cross body allows you to place the most important contents in a compartmemt that is easy to reach while still mounted on your individual frame. Smart!
Very comfortable, well made socks for the money. I ordered a second set before anything changes.
Very roomy! I've received lots of comments on my new bag.
I ordered the New Wayfarer via amazon.com (70$). Although I live in Canada the shipment was pretty fast - within 4 days.
The sunglasses are 100% authentic and I like them a lot. Unfortunately the glasses (not the frame) are a little loose and if I shake the shades I can even hear that. It's not a big deal but I'd like to know if that's normal or if I should exchange them. Thanks in advance for any comments!
I like the jeans & also like that I can get 29 in. length. Thanks
Way too small. They cut the circulation off and its the largest size you offer.
I'm the type of person that likes to wear undershirts over my polos, tee's, and buttoned down shirts. So when my wife and I went to Italy and Greece... we knew the temps were going to be high. I already had some 32 degree shirts from Costco in Black & Gray but needed some white undershirts that were not thick like the ones I already had. That's where these shirts came in and I'm glad I purchased them. The temps in Italy & Greece hovered over 90+ degrees. All the walking and sightseeing made these shirts a blessing. If it got too hot, I'd take off my other shirt and just walk around with these on. They were light, comfortable, and kept me cool when a breeze would come through. I've never had the previous version of this shirt so I cannot compare. However, they are a see-thru but I didn't really care for that. I don't know how long these will last but they've been through several washes and are holding their size and color pretty well.
I wouldve given a 5star review but my son bought this for me for Mothers Day and hes disappointed because it doesnt match the description or the pictures, it doesnt have a Sherpa lining.... but I love it! However, the Sherpa lining wouldve been even greater.
These are pretty!!! I will order different styles.
The mesh shorts are made with great quality. They are not to heavy and breathe perfect. I'm a big build and wear an Xtra Large. I purchased an XL and it was a little on the large side. It wasn't a problem because of the waist strap. Will most likely buy another pair a size smaller,Will update if I do purchase it.
I purchased these shorts when I could not find a prior purchase of similar shorts.......They were NOT the SAME! These shorts do not stay up well and the top ribbing irritates my skin......... A BAD choice all around ! I just wish one could find some consistency in Hanes products. They are NEVER the same ........
I have worn large t-shirts for years, and all have fit properly (my weight hasn't changed). These are a bit small.
sent them back for a refund
Nice and stretchy around ankle
I like the product
AS advertised and very comfortable111
I absolutely love this bag! I wanted a small bag that still would fit a decent amount of stuff. The outer pockets are perfect. I keep my phone in one and store coupons in the other. The middle section fits my wallet, small make up bag, and a few snacks for my kid. I have the green shade and plan to get more colors for upcoming vacations, etc.
Took the time to read most of the reviews, zipper seemed to be an issue for some, (Not for me) do I never zip the top of my bags anyways. Great quality in this bag, sturdy well made, great looking, lite in weight but not to lite. Love the coffee color, all yr round bag especially for Calif. So happy I bought it.
Amazon, Thank You!
Good hinges. Vibrant true orange color. Unisex. Perfect size. Not too bulky, not to slim. Easy to keep up with.
Good quality with classic Levis style
nice purse but the color was nothing like the picture, returned it
my kid needed to started wearing these. Ive bought them twice now. I feel its a good value for the amount you get. And theyre soft and comfy to wear, as per her statement.
Needed black jeans, only place I could find my size
fits really good
I bought a pair of these about a year ago and and they have held up very well. The waist elastic was strong enough that the drawstring wasn't necessary and after a year it still retains it's elasticity. I am so impressed with the overall quality I have purchased four more pair.
Great product so far
https://www.b2bcanvasprinted.com/frdiyp4mud1 https://www.b2bcanvasprinted.com/produitfrance/Skechers-Baskets-Femme-Natural-Textile