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custom canvas prints fast shipping

'Amy Doghouse' Custom Pet Mug

custom canvas prints fast shipping

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Combine your favorite morning beverage with a personalized mug featuring your dog (or any other pet)! Our Amy Doghouse personalized mug is an 11 oz dishwasher safe ceramic mug featuring a personalized version of our design starring your pets adorable face! Our custom mugs make a unique personalized gift for any pet owner.

custom canvas prints fast shipping

  • Pick your costume style
  • Upload a photo of your pet using our easy upload button
  • Place your order
  • Leave the rest to us!
  • We proudly print and ship our mugs from the custom canvas prints fast shipping to ensure quick delivery depending on customer location. custom canvas prints fast shipping
Photo Selection Guidelines

custom canvas prints fast shipping

• Please upload a clear close-up frontward facing photo of your pet at eye level and appropriate light (natural outdoor light works better than flash, try to avoid bad lighting and blurry photos). 
• Make sure your pet’s ears are within the photo frame and not cut off!

• Please do not upload a photo of a photo or a screenshot of a photo, uploading an actual photo will have a higher resolution.

After uploading your first photo, you can upload more by selecting on the left hand side menu of the uploader where you want to upload the file from: Local Files (most common), camera, Facebook, etc.

Shipping Information

custom canvas prints fast shipping

On average, our mugs are customized, packaged and shipped out within 5-7 business days.

custom canvas prints fast shipping

We ship Worldwide! We are proud to now offer local production and fulfilment of our mugs in the custom canvas prints fast shipping

custom canvas prints fast shipping

USA/Canada/Netherlands: 2-5 Business Days

Europe: 5-10 Business Days

Rest of World: 10-21 Business Days

*Please note that our processing and transit times are estimates and can vary by 3-5 business days 

custom canvas prints fast shipping
custom canvas prints fast shipping
custom canvas prints fast shipping
custom canvas prints fast shipping
Saved my bu...back from getting a nasty sunburn. Dries relatively fast in the open air and has a nice, slim fit. Will be vacu-form fitting when coming out of the water, so just a heads up there for all you dudes with a little paunch. ;P
Absolutely love this! Great size too! Id def buy again!
Bought this for my boyfriend and hes still using it years later. Its sleek and small and holds all the necessary things. Plus, he always gets compliments on the pop-out card feature. It doesnt hold a lot of cash, though.
I'd seen some guys talking about using those special boxer briefs with a separate dick pouch for packing. I was anxious to give it a shot, because most packer harnesses are extremely uncomfortable to me. Unfortunately, these particular boxer briefs do not work very well for packing. There isn't actually a separation between the dick pocket and the rest of the underwear. Nothing fine with these underwear, just not what I was hoping for.
Fits just right, good quality. Will buy again.
I have a smaller wrist and the excess string is just ugly and cheap looking. If they could figure out a way to adjust the knots so that the ends aren't sticking out, these would be much better.
Loved the face cover. I was out in the sun riding SXS and it was great to keep the mud from getting in my mouth. It was a hot day and it didnt get uncomfortable while wearing. Very light weight. Good purchase.
Nice jacket. Make sure to wear another layer under if you're somewhere with a lot of wind.
Everyday use, really comfortable and surprisingly durable. Great product.
Fitted as expected
He loves this wallet. Great size and soft real leather!! Would buy it again!
The gray is a nice heather gray. It easily molds into different shapes. I like wearing it around my neck and then pulling it up over my mouth or nose. However, this does cause it to be a bit moist since the moister from your breath does not have a easy way to escape. I also wear it scrunched up around my head and ears, which mostly works well. It sometimes comes undone. If you want something that is multipurpose, but not excellent at any one thing then this is a good purchase.
Great fit and very comfortable.
Snug fit, put well together. I use this under my motorcycle Helmet.
My usual no-show socks dont come up over my ankle. These completely covered my ankle, which means they can be seen anytime when wearing a gym shoe. I have size 11 feet, and these socks are for size 6-12, yet there was still some excess sock around the ankle.

Overall, the socks are similar to the rest of the budget socks you get at a department store. They are thin but soft. Reminds me of the socks my mom bought me growing up for gym class.
I dislike the product . The quality is so bad.
Great hat. Fit as expected. Looks every bit as good in person as it does in the pictures. It's a little small for my melon head but close enough. For reference, I just put a tape measure on my head and it's 23.5 inches exactly and I wish this hat were a touch bigger (like a quarter of an inch) but I suspect it will stretch a bit. If not I can still make it work.

I want to knock off half a star for being made in China but I knew that before I bought it. Tip for the company that sold it... find a way to make this exact same hat in America for God's sake. If I saw it in a store I'd gladly pay double if it had a tag that said it was made in America.

Bought it for the 4th of July but I suspect I'll wear it any time I'm in a patriotic mood.
Poorly constructed.
Love it! It works perfect for me :)
no comments
Excellent running socks. They obviously aren't as good and comfortable as some of the more expensive ones out there. But they also didnt cost $20 a pair either!
The long underw
So far pretty good!
Perfect fit!
Good thickness. Good quality t-shirt
Quedaron bien
Digging this wallet. Needed to overhaul all the crap I had in my old traditional wallet. Perfect for daily.
I initially ordered 12 pair. When they arrived on Sunday morning, I put a pair on. Before I left my bedroom, I ordered another 24 pair!!! I threw away ALL of my other socks!!! These are the most Comfortable socks I've Ever Owned!!!!! 5
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